Frequently Asked Questions

Moving into self storage can be a stressful and confusing time and you probably have a lot of questions. We have found that most people have similar questions and so we have compiled a list of the ones that we hear the most.

Here are the questions we hear the most - and the answers!

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How can you keep your prices so low?

Our objective is to provide, clean, secure, easily accessible storage at the best prices in Melbourne. In order to do this, we have taken out all of the things that cost money in a storage business that most people don't need! The majority of our customers only visit the facility occasionally to pick up items or bring more things to storage. Tradesmen, store owners and some others visit regularly, but simply want to come in, access storage and leave. Because of the systems we have set up, we don't need to be there when this happens. We also meet people by appointment only, so that we don't waste time on sites when we don't really need to be there. Find out more here how we keep our fees low by having a simple payment process for all of our customers.  

We have automated many of the processes to educate people about our services - you can find out all you want to about us on our website with our information and video tours from the comfort of your home or office. We don't do "meet & greets" on site because it costs us time and money that we have to on-charge to our customers. We meet face to face when you have decided to move in. We are generally on-site on a Saturday morning, so you can come and see us then if you would like to. Its not that we don't want to meet - it just takes time and money that we don't want to have to charge you for!!

There are no frills with Sunshine Self Storage! We provide what you need and no more. If you have a need to see us every time you visit the facility, then we are not your best option. Many other facilities have full time staff, but you pay for the privilege. We have found we can serve our customers best by offering a no-frills, low cost service. Our customers really like this approach and they have voted with their feet. 

Why do shipping containers make such good storage?

Shipping containers are purpose built to store goods and move them all around the world, sometimes in the most atrocious conditions imaginable. Most of the goods that you have in your house, including furniture, white-goods, toys, linen, clothing, cookware and much more has probably spent at least three months in a shipping container already, coming from overseas or another state in Australia. 

Shipping containers are watertight and dust-proof. Shipping containers that fall off container ships in storms at sea have been known to float for over a year because they are so watertight! Our shipping containers have a lockbox for your padlock so only you have access to the container at any time. They are spacious, clean and you can drive right up to the door to transport your goods. At our facility, you can even have another container full of goods delivered and store it on-site for a few days while you transfer the contents.

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Is your facility secure?

In order to ensure the highest levels of security possible, we have put a number of precautions in place. Our facility is surrounded by two high walled factories on both sides - actually we didn't organise this - it was just good luck :-). We have high fences around the rest of the property. 

The front gate operates with a electronic mechanism, which is very difficult to access (except if you have a card). A 300kg Electronic locking systems automatically locks the gate from 7.00pm until 7.00am every day. 

The facility is also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via remote video surveillance. The camera's are activated by movement, so if anyone enters the facility they will activate the alarm and be seen live on camera at the monitoring control centre. If the alarm is not turned off within 1 minute, we receive a phone call from the monitoring company. They organise for a security officer, or the police, visit the site. 

Click here to find out the best padlock to purchase and exactly where to secure it on your container.

What forms will I need to sign? What about my privacy?

We are full members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia. As a result, our forms are the industry standard and exactly the same as you will be required to sign at any reputable self storage facility. 

When you begin storing with us, you will need to fill in a tenancy agreement, where you provide all your details and we outline the standard conditions under which you are storing your goods. We will ask you for all the normal information that you would fill in for any similar situation. All of your contact details are then stored securely by us for our records only. Your private details are kept private! We do not pass on your information to anyone. The only exception is where we are required to do so by law (since we opened, this has never been required).

We will never sell, pass on or distribute your email address, phone numbers or any other information about you to anyone, ever! Your information is safe with us. 

Are you members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia


The Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) is the industry body and over 80% of self storage facilities are members. The SSAA provide important information to the industry, such as standardised storage contracts, legal advice and information for both storage facilities and storers. 

The SSAA has played an important part in developing the industry and raising standards. Any self storage facility that is a member if bound by their code of conduct and can be relied upon for professional service and advice. 

Sunshine Self Storage is member number 51399! The SSAA can be contacted on 1800 067 313.

Can you help me with moving?

Because we aim to keep our costs as low as possible, we do not provide a moving service or trailer for your use. To co-ordinate this at our end would take quite a lot of time, which we would have to charge for, which would make it more expensive for you!

However, we can put you in touch with a number of reliable, cost effective service providers who can help! In many cases, we have personally* used the services of these suppliers. Where we haven't used them, we have checked them thoroughly to make sure they will provide the kind of service and honest effort that we do!

(*Thats the problem with owning a self storage facility - you end up using a lot of the space to store your own things - hence our need for moving services!)

Why are you open between 6am and 8pm

We find that these times are convenient for most people. At 8pm each night, an electronic lock is activated, in addition to the manual lock. This means that access is restricted until 7.00am the next morning when the magnetic lock automatically disengages. 

If access outside of these times is important to you, we can discuss this at the time of moving in and make arrangements for you to have access at other times. We find that the majority of people don't need this, but please let us know if you do. 

How do I pay?

Because our objective is to keep prices as possible, we also keep our administrative costs low. When you move in, we will ask you to sign a direct debit form so that payments can be taken from your bank account or credit card on a monthly basis. This is very straightforward and is what you probably already to for many of your other bills and payments. 

If you wish to make alternative arrangement for payment, we can discuss with you when booking.

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Is it easy to access my container?

One of the real benefits of storing with us it that you have drive-up access directly to your container. You are able to open both the doors of your container so you will have a maximum width of 2.4 metres to place items into your container. This makes it very easy to store all sorts of items, including cars and boats in your container. In the past, we have had people store their items in a trainer and just drive this directly into their shipping container - it's that easy!

When you confirm your booking, we will show you how to use the gate locking mechanism and alarm system. This is very secure but quite simple to use when you know how. 

We have a number of tradesmen and other business using our facility because they find the ease of access too good to refuse! Every container on our site can be accessed quickly and easily, making life easy for everyone!

Is there anything else I need to know?

Not really!…

Our self storage is secure and easy to use. Our contracts are standard Self Storage Association of Australasia contracts. We are friendly, helpful people who really care about providing a great service at a really competitive price. 

If you do have any further questions, feel free to email or call us at any time. We look forward to helping you store your valuable property at Sunshine Self Storage!

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Member number 51399 of the Self Storage Association

Sunshine Self Storage is a full member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) and have been since 2004! Our Membership Number is 51399 and our current membership certificate is show below.

You can see all our membership certificates since 2004 here.

The SSAA is the Industry Association for Self Storage in Australia and New Zealand. You should never book self storage with any company that is not a member of this group. The SSAA provides legal protection for storers and self storage owners and ensures that every transaction is fair and equitable.