Storage in Shipping Containers

Why we use Shipping Containers to store your goods cheaply and securely

We use Sea Cargo shipping containers (or "boxes") to store all goods at Sunshine Self Storage. Around 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide is moved by this method stacked on transport ships.

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Over 20 million "boxes" make over 200 million trips per year - most of the items in your house have been in 20' or 40' containers at some stage in their life. 

Items such as televisions and other electrical goods have probably spent up to 3 months in one already!

shipping container on ship

They are particularly good for storage for a number of reasons:

  • They are strong and secure

  • They are Waterproof

  • They have thicker steel walls, making them strong and capable of handing bulky, heavy goods easily

  • Unlike many storage locations, they are dustproof with tight seals around the doors to prevent vermin from entering.

  • Secure, with both a lock on the door handle, and a special lock box, where you can locate a second lock for the best security

  • Easily accessible, with both doors able to be opened to ensure larger items can be stored

This method has become a popular way to store many items, including household goods, furniture, books, office records, tools and machinery. Cars, trailers, motorbikes and vans can be easily stored in shipping containers for long periods of time. Personal effects can also be loaded into the container with the vehicle, which ensures you maximise storage capacity.

shipping container for self storage

There is really nothing you can't store in a steel "box", although there are a number of things you shouldn't store…

This storage method is also easy to relocate if this is necessary at any stage. Sunshine Self Storage updates units from time to time as this is required. Compared to a building, they are also cheaper to install, so we are able to charge less to our storers for looking after their goods!

We have over 80 containers at Sunshine Self Storage and have updated them over the past 10 years. Occasionally we sell our older units - even though they still make great storage many people don't want to use a containers that has any external rust or doesn't look good, despite them being perfectly good for any type of storage. 

Containers are sometimes referred to as 'TEU's'. This stands for Twenty foot Equivalent Unit - meaning that the container is 20 feet in length (approximately 6 metres). 

If you have any questions about how we store your items, please contact us.

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