Your self storage enquiry

I'm Ned from Sunshine Self Storage. I'd like to say thanks for your enquiry about storing your valuable goods with us.

Moving into self storage can be a stressful and confusing time and we would like to make it as easy as possible for you. Here's some further information about storing with us 

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We use shipping containers to store everything on our site and offer 2 sizes of storage.

Shipping Containers are perfect for storage and many of the things people store with us have already spend three months or more in a shipping container on their way to Australia! 

We offer a unique storage solution for people who need to store their goods. Our facility is a no-frills, down-to-earth, simple storage business. We don't hire out trailers, sell boxes or employ staff full time to add costs - but we are helpful and very competitive on pricing! We won't win any awards for looking the best but we do the basics because that's all you need for secure, strong, safe self storage at the right price! 

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Why are we different? 

If you are looking for glitz and glamour, don't come to us! Our facility is clean, secure and very convenient, but not beautiful! You are paying for storage, not good looks. 

In order to maintain our prices, we don't sit around all day waiting for the phone to ring! You can call us anytime you like, but we don't think you should be paying for our time if we are not there! If you do need to meet us, we can easily arrange this, but most of the information you need to know is on this website

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The container we have for you is completely watertight, dust-proof and has easy, drive-up access. You use your own lock and can access your container any time between 7.00am and 7.00pm, seven days a week (we can arrange special access outside these times if needed). 

This makes it easy for us to manage and we do not cater for people wanting to store only a very small number of items - that's where we can pass on the savings to you. Despite this many people find that a bigger storage space with us is still cheaper than less space at another facility! 

The minimum time for storage is 3 months. We can't offer these prices for less than that because of the time and effort it takes us to set up a new customer, but we make it worthwhile for you to store for longer! That's a win for both of us! 

Our customers love the way we do business because they get everything they need, in a secure environment with a significant cost saving to other self-storage facilities. We have been told that our costs are sometimes up to 40% less than what people have been quoted for at other facilities and our customers are really happy as a result! 

    Members of the Self Storage Association

Member number 51399 of the Self Storage Association

Sunshine Self Storage is a full member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) and have been since 2004! Our Membership Number is 51399 and our current membership certificate is show below.

You can see all our membership certificates since 2004 here.

The SSAA is the Industry Association for Self Storage in Australia and New Zealand. You should never book self storage with any company that is not a member of this group. The SSAA provides legal protection for storers and self storage owners and ensures that every transaction is fair and equitable.