Payment Process

A simple, easy to use payment process is one of the best ways that we can offer a great storage solution at a very competitive price to all of our customers.

We understand that everybody is busy and the last thing anyone wants to do at the end of a long day is to pay the bill manually, sifting through invoices and looking for bank account details. To take this stress away, we offer automatic monthly direct debit payments to all of our customers. Once you have filled out a direct debit form with us, we can make sure that you never miss a storage payment.

When your first move in, we will deduct the first 3 months storage fees and then we will send you a detailed schedule of every other payment that is due going forward and on what date it is scheduled to come out of your account. We use Ezidebit Payment Solutions to manage these payments for us…AND if you opt to have funds deducted directly from your bank account, it won’t cost you a thing!

Another way that we do keep our costs low is to ensure that every customer is invoiced every quarter and are all on the same calendar month billing cycle. To understand exactly how we do this, view or download our payment process document.

SIDENOTE - Download our FREE report before you store anything!

At Sunshine Self Storage, we pride ourselves on giving honest service at a very fair price. To help you make an informed decision about your storage, we have provided a FREE report that you should read before you do anything else with your valuables! This will provide more information to help you make a choice about the type of storage that you need.

What happens if you miss a payment in our Payment Process?

When a customer's direct debit payment is not cleared, it means we have a lot of extra work, including phone calls, text messages, emails, bank reconciliations and of course stress.Until now, we have absorbed these costs, but we can’t do so any longer.

From the 20th SEPTEMBER, 2017, we will be reinforcing the LATE FEE of $25.

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Member number 51399 of the Self Storage Association

Sunshine Self Storage is a full member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) and have been since 2004! Our Membership Number is 51399 and our current membership certificate is show below.

You can see all our membership certificates since 2004 here.

The SSAA is the Industry Association for Self Storage in Australia and New Zealand. You should never book self storage with any company that is not a member of this group. The SSAA provides legal protection for storers and self storage owners and ensures that every transaction is fair and equitable.