We have a special offer for you!

Hi there, 

You have been referred to us because someone you know thinks you might need self storage. 

If you DO need self storage, we have space available for you AND a special BONUS Gift Card worth $100 just for signing up (...and we have a Gift card waiting for the person who referred you too!).

If you would like to find out more, please leave your details in the form below and we will email you with ALL the details.

Here's my Information:


Please note - there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION on you to take up this offer. Just fill in the form and you can decide at any stage in the next 6 months if this offer is for you.

MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE - If you like the offer we make, then you can move into storage and the Gift Card (to a business of YOUR choice) is yours. If its not for you, then do nothing. We WILL NOT call you constantly, harrass you, chase you down or anything else (we are too busy anyway).

NED COTEN, Owner - Sunshine Self Storage

Whats the catch? Why do we do this and offer great rewards? 

Well, like most businesses, we need more customers. We’ve tried lots of ways to attract them, including advertising in newspaper, signage, sponsorship and lots of other stuff. Most of it was a waste of time and money - we were just lining other people’s pockets and all we got was frustration! 

What we found over and over again was that our best source of new customers was existing customers - people referring their family and friends to us. Because they already know us, they understand what we do, know that we provide a good service at a fair price and trust the we will do the right thing by them. 

As a result, we decided to put nearly ALL our marketing budget into referrals. By offering our existing customers the opportunity to invite others, we have been able to find more customers and reward people when they move in. (We also provide a $100 Gift Voucher to the person who referred you to say ‘thanks’ to them as well). 

So as you can see, its good for everyone:

  • You get the storage you need AND a $100 Gift Voucher
  • Your Friend ALSO gets a $100 Gift Voucher
  • We get a new customer!

So everyone wins! 

If you have any concerns, questions or need more information you can call our office (details below). All of the information you need is also in the email we send when you fill in the form above. 

    Convenient, drive-up storage

    Sunshine Self Storage uses safe, secure, watertight shipping containers to store your valuables. You can drive right up to
    your container and you have access whenever you want.

    We are a family-owned business and have the best prices in
    Melbourne. You can book space online now, or call our office:

Call Sarah in our office for the
Fastest Response: 03 9010 6147

Ned Coten 0433 136 832 | Hilary Coten 0402 435 143

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Sunshine Self Storage, 15 Carrington Drive, ALBION Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Member number 51399 of the Self Storage Association

Sunshine Self Storage is a full member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) and have been since 2004! Our Membership Number is 51399 and our current membership certificate is show below.

You can see all our membership certificates since 2004 here.

The SSAA is the Industry Association for Self Storage in Australia and New Zealand. You should never book self storage with any company that is not a member of this group. The SSAA provides legal protection for storers and self storage owners and ensures that every transaction is fair and equitable.